11 Best Tips Follow Your Healthy Weight Loss Very First


Healthy Diet Tips: 11 Best Tips Follow Your Healthy Weight Loss Very First?

The New Year has come, as the new resolutions of the year. What are you going to do about it? Yes, some of you have set a plan to get in shape or lose extra fat in your body. Before you go further, you should know about the basics of losing fats. It would be hard to please that the weight loss program is easy rather than muscle build. But it takes time to get into a new lifestyle and to get used to your body. Have faith, be patient, and make your goal serious.

Now I am going to discuss a few lifestyle routines of lifestyle to lose fat or weight loss.


Coming to weight loss or muscle building fast you need to calculate your BMR first. You can check out your BMR by using any formula that is available on the internet or you can just do it by using any phone app. After you know your BMR you need to multiply with 1.3- and that will give your maintenance calories. When you need to fat loss minus 500cal. For suppose if your maintained calories are like 3200cal and you are about to lose weight you will need to cut 500cal from your maintained cal


You are about to lose weight, dividing your calories into six or minimum 5 different meals. You cannot lose weight with an empty stomach or starvation mode. If you try to do that you will be damaging your body, probably lose muscle. Find your maintains calories is going lose extra layers of fat faster.


The most probably important tip is to cut off your junk food. I know it’s all available on the internet. But you need to do that, stay away as much as you can from junk foods (Pizza, KFC, French fries, etc), fried food(mostly all kinds of street foods), and highly fated dairy products(cheese, butter, buttermilk, etc). Eat low carbs, mild fat, and high protein meals every 3-2.5 hours. Use salads they are low in calories.


You have to eat healthy foods that are filled with fewer calories and more nutrients. So you need to do grocery shopping. You add brown bread, brown rice, peanut butter, black chic pies, oats, dry fruits, and many more. This is why you need to shopping grocery once or twice a week depending on your priority. You will have food in stock and that will decrease your will to eat outside. But that doesn’t mean to live on boiled food. One day is enough to cheat meals in a week.


Cardio is very important for not only weight loss but also for the health of your heart. Your body burns more calories in the time of cardio exercises. You can find any exercise regarding cardio all over the internet, find your exercise and do REGULARLY especially on mornings with an empty stomach.

GREEN TEA & COFFIE (Natural Fat Burners): 

For any kind of program, the green tea is used as stimulation for exercise. Green tea has antioxidants and increases your metabolic rate, you will surely feel the difference. You can also use coffee as a pre-workout.

Salt, Sugar & Water: 

You need to cut artificial sugar and depend on natural food sources (Fruits). Sugar contains empty calories. Use salt as needed not excess. Salt holds water on the body. So you need to use it with the amount. Use3 water as much as possible (minimum 3-4 liter per day), you need to hydrate your body frequently. And don’t make excuses about going to the toilet often, you have to manage it.

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Do weight training is going to help you build lean muscle and lose fat on the dedicated part. You will build strength also.


On the weight loss program you set a goal of losing 1-2 pounds per week, Do not expect to lose 5kg in one week that will be a DAYDREAM. Get used to this measurement every Sunday morning, also you can take selfies or photos to track your progress.


Try to avoid fancy supplements. You should try to get your macros from a natural diet, it’s more genuine. But if you can afford you can use Whey Protein as well.


The key is consistency and patience, thus only you can lose weight without damaging your body. Look your body is your TEMPLE, you should treat it with care. S treat it well, live a healthy lifestyle, and eventually, you get your dream physic. So make this year count…ALL THE BEST.

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