How do I avoid weight loss during tough hikes in the mountains trekking

How do I avoid weight loss during tough hikes in the mountains trekking?
Well, the new year has started a since a while, you want to develop a personality with attitude. Gaining weight or muscle is gonna help you to accomplish your goal if you are a skinny guy. Gaining weight with only rest and overeating only make you unhealthy, you cannot put serious weight or visible muscle without working out.

10 Easy and Best way ganing weight and muscle
The high-calorie clean food is not gonna absorbed by your body as it is not used to it. It’s a very slow process, that only came from the consistency and discipline. So try to make up your mindset and then only proceed further. Today I am going to talk a few important tips for serious weight gain or muscle gain. Remember nothing comes without discipline.


Water is the most important thing. after waking up in the morning drink at least 1 liter of water to start your day. It helps to boost metabolism and long term use – healthy immune system. Don’t drink water before your meals. It will kill your hunger for your appetite. Use 4-5 liter of water for better and smooth digestion.

Best tips for muscle Gain?


You want to put weight you have to eat more often. The more you eat the more you grow. Make a habit of eating every 3 hours. Use high-calorie food for healthy and lean muscle you need to eat clean and fresh. Junks have high calorie but they are all empty in nutrition, please try to avoid them.

Best tips for weight gain or muscle Gain Tips.


The Excellent dairy food of all time is milk. Skinned milk or tinned milk or cream milk; you can use all of them. If you use milk with your meals that’s a very good thing. you are putting serious nutrition to your body. Otherwise drinking milk helps to gain weight.

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Shakes or smoothy are the best options for those who have a lot to eat but have a short time. So You put 50gm oats, 2 banana, half apple, 1 cup of yogurt, 200ml milk and 1 tablespoon of honey in a blender and your mass gainer shake is ready. For those who cannot afford mass gainer supplements use gainer shakes after your workout. You will get a damm result surely. 


As most of the food of clean category, most of them have low or medium calorie. So use bigger plates and make your meals bigger. Using plates bigger is definatly 
make you wise to eat more; That’s the point. So use bigger plates and bigger meals.


Try to use high-calorie foods, but it may seem awkward. You want to put extra weight, so you have to eat high calorie. But don’t think of junk foods, they are empty in nutrition value. You can take 1-3 cheat meals per week but on a particular rest day. 


If you use black coffee then definitely add cream into it. Not only it will taste better but will also be good for you, as you are putting weight. If you don’t use coffee, you can use it as your pre-workout. It will increase your heart rate a little bit so you will feel energetic in the Gym. You can also drink coffee morning breakfast to start your day.


90% is diet and 10% is the supplements. so get your diet right first. then if you can afford to purchase a good branded gainer or protein. this definitely helps to gain muscle and weight. but creatine itself is a very good category of protein. It digests slowly (opposite of whey protein). Creatine provides strong and lean muscle. But you can afford then use this, use at a night with milk.


Everything is done now time for rest so have a good sleep hour of between 7-8 hours. this time doesn’t use any kind of destruction or don’t use the phone at his time. When you sleep your body heals internally to maintain and improve its functionality. So have a good sleep.


Make a habit of consistency. without consistency, you will achieve nothing but a disgusting result. So make a commitment and get used to your new life. ALL THE BEST.

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