How to approve Your Google Adsense account in only 8 days


What is Google Adsense:

How to Approve Google AdSense account
How to approve Your Google Adsense account in only 8 days?

Google Adsense is one of the best advertising programs globally. Many of us want to use these features on Blogspot or 3rd party TLD(top-level domain) or YouTube channel for making some bucks. But now a days Google is very strict about its policy. So AdSense approval is very tough for those who don’t know the proper way or who don’t know what Google wants. 

I know you are very anxious about the AdSense application being rejected. That’s the way you are reading this post. Forget all your confusion and just do what I will discuss. One thing to keep in mind is that what I will discuss here, all are from my personal experience by which I Successfully. Okay, I don’t want to bore my discussion, let’s go to the topics.

Domain Age: 

Generally, the domain is should 7 to 10 days old enough for applying for an AdSense account. I can’t say that I am totally right about that cause I really don’t know about Google’s company algorithm.

But if you are from India, China, Pakistan, or Bangladesh then the average domain age for certain Geo-location should be 6 more for applying. But don’t be upset it is always not true cause I got approval for my site which is 8 days domain age.

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How To Safe Your AdSense Account:

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Site Verification:

Google has a great free provide webmaster tools by which you can know your website performance, keywords, link to your site, and many more. So if you want to use these features you have to authentication your website first. You can authentication in more two ways. I don’t want to discuss it here. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to authentication it from your email which you want to use for your AdSense account.

Google Analytics:

Again a provides great free features with Google Analytics tools. So you can track your website visitors by Geolocation, browser, operating system, etc provide a Google Analytics account. After you can verify your Google Analytics codes by put on your website or Blogspot. This is a trusted factor for AdSense approval.

XML sitemap:

It’s very important to put an XML sitemap on your server and link it to Google webmaster tools. By which Google can index website very first. Now you think everyone talking about the same thing which I have discussed here. What’s new? There are the basic steps everyone should follow.

But now I will discuss how I got approved for my AdSense account. First I bought a domain and hosting. After that, I installed WordPress for my blogging platform. Please choose your attractive professional thems. I have used my existing email account, or you can use a new one for site Verification and added Google analytics codes.

Posted some niche category content or some images. But keep in mind please give proper credit for the pictures. My post content is not very lengthy approx 500 or 700 words. Some say that your content should be at least 300-400 words and more than. But I do not agree with this. The main things all the content are unique or mining full.

After that, I created a YouTube channel and uploaded videos, and monetize it. After monetization was approved I linked my YouTube channel to Google AdSense. I don’t have an existing AdSense account so I created a new one. The next day I received a message that the AdSense application request successfully. After that, I applied for my newly created website and generated an ads code, and put it on my website. It showed blank ads. The next day I got an email about successful AdSense account approval.
One thing to keep in mind is that you should make 3 pages like About Us, Terms and Conditions, and Contact Us. I don’t know how this page is helpful for approving an AdSense account. But I made this page. Now try and let me know these tips are helpful or not. If you want to know anything you can ask me your comments.

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