How To Build Muscle With Whole Foods| Muscel Gain Tips

How To Build Muscle With Whole Foods| Muscel Gain Tips

How To Build Muscle With Whole Foods

It is early 2022 and most of you are reading this article because you want to do something with your body in this new year. So we take that as a new year resolution for you. Well my fellows, if you want to gain muscle you must have to go to a calorie surplus. Now, it means that you have to eat more than you are used to. Now that’s does not mean overeating or consuming junk foods. If you take it that way, it’s sure that will get some unhealthy weight in short term and if you continue you will end up with diseases in long term.

So it’s assured that you must consume healthy foods to gain muscle. Whole foods are enriched with lots of complex nutrients in a short package. Consuming them is like compound exercise. Yes, it’s very efficient to build muscle. Meanwhile, if you exercise (gym, running, Resistant training, etc.), you are more likely to achieve your new year resolution goal Faster. You can check our other articles in the home section-we have discussed plenty of that-so be sure to check them out.

Now we are going to discuss some whole food items to build muscle. “How to build muscle? “, “how to gain muscle? You can find these terms all over social media.“ But, the reality is the diet of whole food. Researches have shown that people who consume whole food are more likely to have better health and mind.


Number one food to “How to build muscle? “ is all good protein sources. An average person must consume per gram of protein according to his current weight. The weight unit is KG. So per KG per gram of protein to only maintain his muscle. Now you want to gain so you must eat more than your per KG gram protein. You can go 1.3 – 1.8 KG Perry gram. But Don’t consume Excess Protein – It can cause your liver. #Top Whole Protein Sources –  Whole Chicken, Turkey, Egg, Fish, Steak, Whey, Yogurt. 


Carbohydrates are the power cell of our body. Or I can Say., it is a power cell for all living animals in our world. Protein may help you to gain muscle but, without carbohydrates, your muscle will sink out and would not look fuller, plus you will feel weak if you reduce carbohydrate intake. Many of us think carbohydrates are the reason for excess fat. Well, it’s true and you got to eat Complex carbohydrates only filled with fibers and other nutrient benefits. Top Whole Carbohydrate Sources – White Rice, Brown Rice, Oates, Sweet Corns, Pasta(Organic), Potatoes, Fruits, Quinoa. 


Fats are necessary to help you to gain muscle. You can gain muscle and quickly if you choose which fats are there to eat. Fat cells are Most important for Hormonal Balance. It’s also important to your skin, nail, and healthy body. Now there are plenty of researches on this topic that and you can find them anywhere on the Internet. There are certain types of fat that are important for our body and others are nothing but

unhealthy. Good Fats are unprocessed fat like nuts. Unhealthy fats are more likely to be in processed foods or animal fats. Be aware of what you are eating – “How you eat is how you look! “ #Top Whole Fat Sources: Nuts, Butter, Cheese, Avacado, Coconut Oil, Flax Seeds, Peanut Butter, Clarified Butter. (Be Aware of Consuming In Moderate Limit)

4. Water:

Drink Plenty Of Water Digest your food. Otherwise how much good diet your body cannot take nutrients from your given foods. In the long term, you will see many results. For your resolution, you need to make a diet chart yourself. You can fill up your diet With Whole Food Items. Use as many whole foods as possible in your diet. After Starting this method in your diet you will see changes within 5-6 weeks. But it would take patience and dedication. So Are You Up For  Your New Year Resolution?

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