Top 10 Food For Weight Gain Or Muscle Gain For Vegetarian

Top 10  Food for weight Gain or Muscle Gain for Vegetarian?

Gaining weight or gaining muscle is about the right nutrition, you can not gain mass in an unhealthy way. It means that you are not allowed to eat only food much or sugary foods. Because if are doing that you will be adding an extra layer of fat in your body, most of all you are gaining weight and becoming unhealthy. So choose the right food to your diet. Another thing that is no diet plan will work if you do not work out. Make 1 hour free for yourself and try to workout then, diet shows great results with a proper workout session.

Weight gain tips

But It seems to hard of choices food for the vegetarians those who want to put a few extra pounds. As they are limited in protein source of food. So today I am going to 
discuss some food that is filled with protein and help you to gain weight or gain muscle.

So vegetarians follow up:


Curd is Good food for the gainers. It is filled with fats and protein, that are slow digestive. the best dairy product for gaining. 100 grams of Greek
yogurt contains 10 grams of high-quality protein. Use it as your snack and you will feel the difference within one week.


For all kind of cheese the cotter cheese is the best option for those weight gain. Another cheese variety has a vast amount of fat in them, they could be used as cheat meals. But the cotter cheese has the minimum fat level and high in protein. per 100 grams of protein contains 25-30 grams of protein.


Beans are the most important thing for gaining weight. All kind of beans is filled with protein, amino acid, and carbohydrates. Red beans contain the most amount of protein. Per 100 grams of red contains 25-30 grams of lean protein. Add it to your diet especially in launch and dinner.


The high amount of protein is found on soya chunks. 52 grams of protein in just 100 grams of soya chunks. Soya chunks are also cheap in the supermarket, so it is superbly affordable for anyone. But excess and daily use of soya chunks cause gyno in men. The limit of consuming soy protein is about 55-60 grams per day (if you are working out daily and properly). So men use this food item alternate days.


Milk is a superfood for all kind of people(except those who are lactose intolerant). It is filled with vitamin B12 and many acids. It provides Slow digesting protein and long-lasting energy. Besides it heals wounds fast. Best use morning breakfast and before bed meal.


One of the best sources of carbohydrates is sweet potato. it helps lean building. it is filled with potassium and boosts long-lasting energy. It is a complex carbohydrate, that means it has fiber. Fiber increases your flexibility and muscle elasticity.

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Nut is a superfood for the good fats and gaining weight. Almonds, walnuts, pistachio, peanuts etc is a good source of protein with healthy fat. 
Both of them is helpful for building muscle and gaining weight. Nut butter is directed to peanut butter. Peanut butter is a famous food in the fitness industry, especially
for those who want gaining. Use 2 slices of brown bread and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter as your pre-workout snack.


All kind of dried fruits and best for gaining weight. Dates, raisins are essential for the immune system and provides better digestion. Better digestion 
means better food absorption in the body. Use dry fruits daily.


One of the good sources of healthy fat is olive oil. it contains unsaturated fat which helps for cardiovascular and also good for your skin. It prevents 
cholesterol as it has good cholesterol in it. So definitely add this oil to your diet.


One of the best sources of protein in vegetarian food is black chickpeas. It contains a high amount of fiber and protein. Both of them fill you up and you can be able to put some lean muscle if you are using it consistently. per 100grams of black chickpeas contains 25-30 grams of lean protein.use this food in the empty stomach.


90% is diet and 10% is the supplements. so get your diet right first. then if you can afford to purchase a good branded gainer or protein. this definitely help to gain muscle and weight.

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