Top 10 Foods For Weight Gain Or Muscle gain Tips

Top 10 Foods For Weight Gain Or Muscle gain Tips?

Most Off the people struggles from lack of less weight mass of their body. it is very uncomfortable for their personality. They cannot express themselves fully. This also affects on their confidence level. Yes, it is a very big problem for them. And if you are one of them then you are in one of the right places or so called web page. 

Here, we will provide some major information that can help you to increase weight. But it all comes to consistency and how bad you want bad you want to change your body.
Top 10 Foods weight gain or muscle gain tips

The Right foods will definitely help you to achieve your goals, but for the fast result  start working out daily(at least five days a week). With proper training and nutrition, you can definitely able to increase weight much faster and quicker. Now I am going to talk about some food to achieve your goals; yes they are high in protein. You can find nearby in your locality of course.


The most important and essential food for any kind of fitness goals. A whole egg is filled with high-quality protein and good fat. Good fats do not store as 
fat cells in our body. Besides, they help to prevent cholesterol and increases sperm count in men. The white part is filled with 9 essential amino acid, that helps to 
build muscle. So definitely add eggs to your diet.


If you want lean muscle then you have to quit all fat full cheeses. Use cotter cheese instead. Cotter cheese is filled with Protein(100gm of cotter cheese contains almost 25-30gm of protein) and fats. For gaining weight or building muscle add it to your diet. And this dairy product is also cheap enough to afford.

Muscle Gain tips for


Red meat is always an option for non-vegetarian for gaining weight or building muscle. It’s filled with high-quality protein. Use Lean red meat instead of whole meat. Per 100 Gm of red meat contains 30 gm of lean protein with all essential amino acids to build muscle.


Probably the most popular food item for lean muscle building or weight gain in the fitness industry is the chicken breasts. It is easy to cook and 
tastes also great. Per 100gm of lean chicken breast contains 30 gm of lean protein with all essential amino acids to build muscle. Definitely add chicken breasts to your diet.


Peanut butter is also a great food for muscle building or weight gain. You can use roasted peanuts instead. Peanut is filled with peanut oil and protein. Use 1-2 handful of peanut per day. Do not use artificial oil added or sugar added peanut butter. Use 2 tablespoons or as your macro setup.


Both of the rice is the highest quality sources of carbohydrates.  But the brown rice is better for its fiber nutrients and slow digestive 
property. On another hand, white rice has no fiber and it is fast digestive. my experience – mix them and eat. The mixture of white rice and brown rice is a great combo for 
weight gain or muscle gain.


For lean gaining, sweet potato is a good source of carbohydrate. and it is very tasty to eat. is has potassium that boosts your energy level. Definitely 
add sweet potato in your diet.


Brown Bread is also a great food for those who want to bulk up. Brown bread is made from whole grain wheat so it has fiber and it provides energy slowly. On the other hand,d the white bread is made from refined flour, so it is empty in nutrition. Please try to avoid white bread.


the mix of all kind of nuts and dry fruits is very good for health and body functioning. They are filled with all kind of good fats that are indeed to our body. it also helps to gain muscle or gain weight.


90% is diet and 10% is the supplements. so get your diet right first. then if you can afford to purchase a good branded gainer or protein. this definitely helps to gain muscle and weight.

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