Top 10 healthy and tasty foods for weight loss

Top 10 healthy and tasty foods for weight loss?

Well, you are now searching for healthy foods that are also tasty. Well, it is a myth that all kinds of healthy foods that are for weight loss are not tasty. This statement is totally false. You want to lose weight well it can be done also with tasty food, but you should remember to avoid oily foods (mostly junk foods); you know that. But there are many nonoily foods that are tasty to eat. Now we are going to discuss the top 10 not only healthy but also tasty. These foods will help weight loss so let’s get into it.

Whole Eggs: 

We all know that eggs are healthy to eat. Egg white contains the most healthy protein source with all essential amino acids. The yellow or orange part of the egg is filled with nutrients. The yolk itself is a good fat that is true to the human body.

The protein part helps to build lean muscle. Besides the absorption rate of eggs is 100% if taken in a certain amount (3 whole eggs maximum for an adult male or female.

Dairy Products: 

All kind of dairy products is good for weight loss, except for a few ones. Most dairy products are filled with good fats, lean protein, and essential small chains of fatty acid. Long-chain fatty acid causes weight gay fat gaining, so it is better to get in shape with small chain fatty acid.

Most dairy products such as milk, cotter cheese, butter, etc. They are tasty to eat. But as said none all of them are going to make your weight loss. So you need to know about the details.

Cotter Cheese:

One tasty and healthy dairy food to lose weight is cotter cheese. It is tasty to eat and healthy to eat. 100 Grams of cotter cheese contain almost 30 – 33 grams of protein. But it contains almost 20-30 grams of fats. So you should take it on alternate days.


Milk is a superfood. It contains vitamin B12, potassium, Vitamin D and Calcium. All of these are very essential to our healthy human body. A glass of milk (200ml) contains 7 grams of slow digestive protein, so you should take it before bed or at breakfast. It is really healthy food.

Lean Meat: 

meat is good food not for only muscle bodybuilding but also weight loss. But those people who are willing to lose weight use meat alternate days. Use lean beef or lean chicken breast instead of whole meat. The lean part of the meat is likely to be a part that’s including minimum fats with the highest protein. This also tastes good, so defiantly add it.


popcorn is the highest-fiber food that used in healthy snacks. Eating lots of popcorn is likely to eat few calories. Popcorn is made out of grains. That’s why it is filled with fiber. Try to avoid butter popcorn for better results.

All The Dry fruits: 

All kind of dry Fruits is filled with good fat, complex carbohydrates, and a secondary source of protein. They help your skin, micronutrients, hair almost overall health. They are filled with fiber that helps your inner health. Eating a handful of dry fruits is beneficial for weight loss.

Citrus fruits: 

You should love fruits. They are filled with vitamins and many nutrients so you should take this. Fruit especially citrus fruits are most helpful for weight loss. Citrus food is filled with vitamin C that helps to burn fat. You must add high vitamin C fruits for weight loss. This would be very beneficial for you.  A very few examples of Citrus fruits are lemon, orange, etc.

Eating Vegetables: 

Vegetables are filled with good nutrients. Besides veggies are low in calories so eating a lot won’t cause you much as you ate only a few calories. They are filled with fiber. Try to use green vegetables because they mostly contain vitamin E which helps to glow skin naturally.


One of the Good food is Fish. Fish is filled with a small chain of fatty acid, omega 3, good fat, high protein food. If you eat 100 grams of fish you will be consuming 30 grams of lean protein. And that’s a very good and healthy protein source for you.

Coconut Oil: 

Ok, you got a small idea of how to health plan a diet, but all of them require cooking (except boiled eggs). For cooking, you should use coconut oil. Long-term use of coconut oil produces nitrogen in the lever and that helps fat burn. You must add coconut oil to your diet.

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    I love eating fish, citrus fruit, vegetable will give coconut and dry fruits a try. Thank you very much for your insights.

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