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Movie Overview?

I’m very excited to bring you a movie which will help you to start your Hindi cinema journey of 2019. if you have not started that yet I’m talking about burries the surgical strike.

A true Hindi cinema movie yes if it’s your hair which is an intense watch that will keep you hooked on to your seat and take you on a rollercoaster ride jaha pay up ku milega love for country devotion. for family but lee ki AAG luthor java they spray more thearc sacrifice for the one you love and for the nation this is a must watch the story of Uri is about a surgical strike.

that india conducted in September of 2016 against militants across line of control in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir you may ask what the surgical strike a surgical strike. is a very focused and specific military attack to take down the military target without damaging with no collateral damage in the area or surrounding areas to properties or people it is very focused attack and in this movie this is led by Viki Kaushal who plays the major and leads the team but the third heart is the writer director of this movie and he has done a fantastic job at that the script is immersive capturing it is a story well written and very well told there is a lot of action in the movie and a lot of drama the kind of drama we loved this surgical strike was India’s answer to the militants who have attacked the Indian army camp at URI hence the name hurry let’s talk about performances oh my god I’m waiting to talk about Viki Kaushal he has just outdone himself he makes you believe that he is actually an Army Major and not just an actor all the months of rigorous physical training that he went through and all the Navy and the army training that he went through has paid off while uh he looks his part he plays his part and he is fantastic if nothing you have to watch this movie for Vicky Kaushal four hundred percent sure and uh Lala it’s a treat to watch him all the other soldiers in the movie all the other army majors in the movie also look their part very well everybody looks trained and looks with that passion carries the passion of a soldier very well throughout the movie there is no dip in this particular regard Vicky Kaushal was perfect
as major V hans-juergen also her I would like to mention the other artists and actors in the movie specifically Rajat Kapoor playing Prime Minister of India was very convincing Paresh Rawal as Govan G also playing Ajit Doval was very nicely put together there’s a special mention for Mohit Reena who plays major current Kashyap the cinematography and the VFX will please even the most cynical and mature audience well-crafted scenes stunning VFX will not let you feel even for once that there is animation or any comical or any studio based production there it looks very real it looks very natural the whole movie comes very organically to you this movie has done justice to not only the ₹45, crore budget assigned to it it will definitely do justice to our pockets as audience this will be without a doubt a movie where the time spent and the money spent will be absolutely worth and you should definitely go for this movie with family or friends.

Uri: The Surgical Strike Full Movie Download free 2019 HD:
Full Name: Uri: The Surgical Strike Full Movie Download free 2019 HD
Release Date: 11 Jan, 2019 (India)
Length: 2h 18min
Size: 700 MB
Quality: HD
Genres: Action
Language: Hindi/English
Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Mohit Raina,  Yami Gautam.
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